Riding For Farley

       Riding for Farley

In November of 1024 I made a personal commitment to my health after meeting with a fitness trainer who assessed my personal fitness level. He did not give me good news, so I decided it was time to make a change. I immediately set some goals. Lose weight and get fit to a level that, at minimum, equaled my physical age. I decided to lose 25 lbs. I have so far lost 15 lbs.

This is where the Ride for Farley fits into the picture. I do enjoy cycling, but in a rather casual way. I heard about the ride every year, but just could not imagine riding 50,100 or 150km in a single day to raise money. Until this year…

I started riding 12km in the mornings when I was not traveling on business, then 16 km and recently 30km. Although challenging, it was doable and fun. There are lots of steep hills where we live in the country (at least they seem steep to me) but they seem to get smaller and smaller each time I ride them.

I am currently about to do a 40km ride and eventually 50km in preparation for the event in September. The challenge is to maintain a good speed and not get injured! (I already did this once this year) I do all this on a mountain bike with off road tires, so hoping with road tires and a few other accessories I will be able to ride faster and further.

This is really the first time in my life I have taken physical fitness seriously. I plan to raise $1,000.00 for the Farley Foundation and prove to myself I can do the 50km ride in the allotted time. I will be asking for sponsorship from family, friends and my veterinarian customers and hope you will consider supporting my ride and the Farley Foundation.


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