GMP N5 Vet Ultrasound




Stephenville, NL

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A high-compact digital system that fits on your desktop.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Applications and Superior Adaptability:
    • By following the growing needs of different clinical applications, abundant professional software packages for veterinary used are installed into N5 Vet, providing you the superior adaptability during any diagnosis.
      • Canine – GW, EDCB(GSD, CRL, HD, BD)
      • Feline – GW, EDCB(HD, BD)
      • Equine – GW, EDCB(GSD, ERD, ESD, EED)
      • Swine-GW, EDCB(HL, SL)
      • Bovine-GW, EDCB(CRL, BBD, BTD, BUD)
      • Sheep-GW, EDCB(CRL)
  • Streamline and Integrate Your Workflow
    • User-friendly keyboard and efficient workflow relieve the user from trivial operation. The innovative hand-carried design is approximately 6.5Kg including built-in battery.
    • One-key-push functions make imaging become an easy job: One key optimal imaging, one key snap shoot storage, one key standard template.
    • Various storage possibilities: DICOM 3.0, USB 2.0 compliant, built-in hard-disc.
    • Built-in battery enables you to work anywhere.
  • Compact But High Performance:
    • With the patent and full digital technologies, the N5 Vet delivers high resolution images and diagnostic confidence. N5 Vet is a high-end B/W ultrasound scanner.
    • THI, TSI, Patented speckle reduction technologies increase image resolution and reduce the artifact.
    • High density elements transducers and broad channels imaging processing PC based system, more stable and compatible.