Refurbished Triac Centrifuge




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Refurbished Triac Centrifuge with a 1 year warranty
The TRIAC® accommodates a variety of tubes and features three speeds for three procedures (urine sedimentation, blood separation, and microhematocrits), making it highly versatile


The microhematocrit rotor holds 12 microhematocrit tubes, or can be loaded with four interchangeable trunnions. Each trunnion accommodates two standard urine tubes or two 7mL, 10mL, or 15mL BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes. Adapters are available for other types and sizes of tubes.


The operating modes are urine (six minutes), blood (five minutes), and microhematocrit (three minutes). Push-button modes are color-coded. Unit is equipped with an automatic timer and automatic safety shutoff if top is lifted.