ScanX Trek Scanner and Accessories




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ScanX Trek Computed Radiography System

Premium quality images in seconds

You need a diagnostic quality image fast — without the need to return for retakes. Thanks to the ScanX Trek, that’s never been easier.

ScanX Trek is the lightest, most portable and rugged digital imaging system in the industry. Developed exclusively for full body and equine veterinarian by ALLPRO Imaging, ScanX Trek produces high-resolution digital images in as little as 35 seconds. Veterinarians can take more images and make a diagnosis on the spot, while eliminating the need to chemically process X-rays or return to the stable or barn for retakes.

Built for durability and economy

The cushioned, lightweight extruded aluminum frame helps to resist dents. Sturdy, rubberized feet eliminate
potential image quality issues due to vibration. And, a
built-in rechargeable battery option and DC power port
enable operation in virtually any setting.

INCLUDES 36 Cassettes!!!!!