Shor-Line Cat Condos on SALE!

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Product Description


Shor-Line Cat Condo cage unit

This bank of cages is 4 feet long, with each cage measuring 24″ x 24″ with lower cabinets and drawers. Which makes it great for a cat clinic or even a grooming facility. The cabinets would be great cat litter box storage. The drawers slide very well and can hold a lot of supplies, as they are 6.5 inches deep. The entire bank is 4 feet x 71 inches (high). The entire bank is in immaculate condition. The white cage doors can be locked with a key, great for those cats that like to try and escape.

3 four foot banks available at $895 CAD each.

You can purchase all 3 banks for a total of a 12 foot bank for $2995 CAD