Since the start of the VEEN (Veterinary Equipment Exchange Network) program in Jan of this year, we have been busy. The VEEN concept of veterinarian to veterinarian selling has been very popular. In October we launched the VEEN site wwww.veencanada.com and our new shopping cart, where veterinarian’s equipment can be bought and sold.

In August we cleared out a practice in Stony Creek where a veterinarian wanted to retire. In September we cleared out a 6,500 sq ft veterinary clinic in Toronto, and saved many veterinarians allot of money on setup costs of their new practices. It seems many practices have surplus equipment they need to sell and many veterinarians have equipment needs that can be served in this manner. VEEN has been able to connect these needs together under one network.

We get many positive comments from veterinarians across the country who have bought ultrasound systems, x-ray machines, x-ray processors, exam tables, surgery lights, and just about anything else contained in a veterinary clinic. VEEN has been a success and is providing a valuable service to veterinarians across Canada.

We are also offering an appraisal program for veterinary clinics and banking institutions. This will allow clinics to have equipment professionally and accurately appraised, regardless of equipment age or condition.

Starting in December soon we will be rolling our VEEN Premium program, which will offer  after -sale support and services to VEEN customers. This promises to greatly enhance the VEEN experience.  Stay tuned on the website for these new services.

Why buy on VEEN?

VEEN is the only organized network for veterinarian-to-veterinarian direct sales network in North America. Veterinarians can find buyers for their surplus equipment and find sellers of same. Veterinarians can buy quality equipment directly from other colleagues and know the history of what they are buying.  It also gives veterinarians a leg up and getting vastly more for their trade-in equipment. Why get a fraction of the cost for a digital CR system when you can get market price for it on VEEN? Ditto with blood chemistry equipment.  Stainless steel cages, tables and other items like this fetch top dollar on VEEN. You can even trade-in a non working item for another VEEN item on our new VEEN trade-in program. Need an x-ray processor as stopgap before you go digital? VEEN has access to lots of them.  Looking for used cassettes with rare earth screens? We have them.

VEEN is an out-of-the-box concept that is rapidly gaining acceptance in the veterinary community. Join us on line to see this grow.

Bob Simpson


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